Meaning comes when life forces its way through

Kristian Marcussen, pianist and composer, born 1970 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dansk hjemmeside

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Meaning comes when life forces its way trough

Sometimes we experience some resistance in our lifes. In difficult times, we struggle finding meaning in what we are doing. But always, there are elements of light, warmth and life in our existence, though they might be short and small. When that appears, it is important to hold on to those moments and let them grow. Because there is meaning, where there is life.

After education from University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and The Royal Danish Academy of Music Copenhagen, I released my debutalbum, Alfa Omega, in 2004, played by Kristian Marcussen Trio. This album was sold to the world, also to Japan, who later on released one of the songs from the album, Solhverv, on a compilation called Silent Night Café.

Kristian Marcussen Trio released another album, My Soul Is Filled With Peace, in 2008. This album is available on streaming services such as Spotify or Tidal.

In 2010, I founded a band, Exclusive Jazz, which was playing well-known jazzhits, with the danish singer, Martin Roy Wade.

After a time, when I composed music with a purpose of having a positive effect on mental health, I founded Medicine Melodies, who released some of my earlier recordings on streaming services such as Spotify or Tidal, inclusive Improvisations for Piano and Synthesizer.

Today, I am offering lectures combined with concerts, around Denmark, where I am talking about the meaning of music to my life and mental health.